with Paul Fox BWY Dip

British Wheel of Yoga IST (In-Service Training) Days
I offer three approved  BWY IST Days. "Adjusting Students With Confidence" Parts 1 & 2 are two separate days which are linked but also work as stand-alone days. My third IST is called Yoga for Sports People and Athletes. I am happy to run these days anywhere in the country, although if I am travelling a long way I prefer to run a day on the Saturday and Sunday in neighbouring counties. One day could be an IST and the other a general yoga day on Ashtanga Vinyasa or Core Strength. Most IST Days are organised by BWY County Reps and you can only book via the relevant county, not through me.  If you are not a county rep, please talk to the relevant person in your area to suggest a booking. For more details contact me on 01643 702827 or email paulfoxashtanga @ hotmail.com

Feedback from the Adjusting Students Day

"One of the most valuable training days I've done"..."Excellent day. Lots of very interesting information"..."A really great day - what I have been looking for, for a long time. I liked the balance of posture work in the morning and postural analysis in the afternoon"..."Fascinating day - well organised with lots of practical applications to use in teaching"...Paul Fox is excellent. He communicates extremely well, has a superb manner and certainly brings out the best in students".

Adjusting Student with Confidence Part 1 - Programme

10-10.30       Introduction, principles of adjustment, why adjust, safe practice, professional issues including consent.

10.30-1pm     Workshop exploring and adjusting in pairs (with pairs swapping regularly). Demonstration, followed by detailed instruction for each adjustment.  Warming-up beforehand.

1-2pm            LUNCH

2-2.30            Adjusting Students in Savasana (also working in pairs)

2.30-2.45pm  Theory of Reading the Body (multi-media presentation)

Seeing postural patterns, understanding the genetic, social, mentall and emotional context of posture. Understanding the body as a tensegrity structure.

2.45-3.45pm         Postural Analysis

Working in groups of 4, and using plumb lines to complete a chart for each student mapping body patterns.

3.45-4pm              Questions/close of session


Adjusting Students with Confidence Part 2 - Programme

10-10.15               Introduction, developing adjustment skills, reminder of context of adjustment from Part 1. Introduction to focus on the spine.

10.15-1pm            workshop exploring and adjusting in pairs (with pairs swapping regularly). Demonstration and detailed instruction for each adjustment. Including warming-up section and brief revision of postures covered in Part 1.

1-2pm                   LUNCH

2-2.30                   Assisted relaxation (also working in pairs)

2.30-3pm              Anatomy of the spine focusing on twisting movements

Talk, anatomical models and slides to explore how the spine twists, the varying roles of the lumbar, thoracic and clavicular vertebrae. How the bones fit together. The muscles involved, and limiting factors to range of movement (tension, stiffness, arthritic conditions, etc)

3-3.45                            Adjusting Twists

Palpating the spine in a twist, and looking at a variety of backs in twists noticing varying degrees of curvature within the twist. How binding affects curvature of back and avoiding/allowing movement in the hips and how this affects the foundation of seated twists.

3.45-4pm                       Summing up and any questions


IST Days are open to BWY Yoga teachers and Diploma Course students only.

I also do general yoga days for the BWY, most usually a day on introducing the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga to BWY members.

For further details email me on: paulfoxashtanga @hotmai.com or call me on 01643 702827 or 07782413146


We all work within our postural patterns that are genetic, social, medical, mental and emotional.  Mine involves having the left hip higher than the right (clearly visible in the photo) and a shortening down the left side of my torso. The plumb line work on the IST Day will help everyone see their unique pattern and help them work with more awareness in yoga.  Once you know you have a high left hip you can start to work to drop it a bit!