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Adjusting Students DVD
Core Strength Yoga DVD click here

Adjusting Student  is a training DVD aimed at yoga teachers.  Enrich
your teaching by learning to integrate the adjustment of your students
in postures into your classes.  Adjusting students in postures adds
value and depth to your teaching, whether you are teaching group
classes or one-to-one sessions.

  • Step by step instruction on simple but effective adjustments.
  • 16 yoga postures covered, with a variety of adjustments.
  • Anatomy and physiology explained

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Core Strength Yoga DVD

This DVD provides a 90 minute yoga practice that can be done
again and again. Whereas many yoga DVDs are watched once and
then languish on the shelves, this DVD attempts to provide more
of a yoga than a televisual experience. In fact, the DVD is designed
to be watched once or twice so that students understand what they
are meant to be doing. The pictures are there to support the
stand-alone audio track.

"I did the foundation practice yesterday. Great stuff. Love how you
bring in energy body and bandhas in such a practical, accessible way".
Caroline - yoga teacher

Core Strength Yoga: Foundational Practice is designed to help students to work from inside to out – connecting first with the core of their physical
bodies and developing awareness and strength in the structures of
core stability that support safe and graceful movement in asana. The
DVD also attempts to provide a way of thinking and working with the
chakras which is more poetic and less hocus pocus.

The DVD is divided into eight chapters:-

1. Building Core Strength
2. Preparing the Body
3. Strength and Alignment
4. The Earth Connection
5. Opening the Heart
6. Closing Sequence
7. Stilling the Mind 
8. Relaxation

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Safe Practice

This yoga DVD/CD has been designed as a general practice suitable
for beginners and intermediate students. Safe practice advice is given
from time to time but is not comprehensive. If you have any medical
condition or are in any doubt about whether the practices are suitable
for you, consult your doctor beforehand. Always listen to your body,
avoiding anything that is painful or doesn’t feel right. You undertake
the practices on this DVD/CD at entirely your own risk and the author
accepts no liability for any injury. The practices are not suitable for
those who are pregnant or who have bad backs in situ. The practices
would be excellent for those recovering from childbirth (after a suitable
period of recuperation) and for those who wish to address a long term
weakness in the back by developing core strength. If you have arthritis
or osteoporosis, avoid the weight bearing practices and do not take
any weight into the neck. If you have high blood pressure which may
be managed by medication, avoid holding the breath, taking the head
below the heart or holding the arms high overhead (raise the forearms

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